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Design made easy, fast, and simple.

Layers is a design system built by industry veterans, with a distinct focus on accessibility.

Helping you make products that are useable and useful, to everyone.

Design System

A fine-tuned selection

We're not bragging about having the biggest component library out there. In fact, we definitely don't have that.

What we do have is fine-tuined collection of components, blocks, and product examples that are tailored to perfection. Layers is chock-full of components that are thoroughly documented, alongside dozens of example use cases for each component.

Figma Auto Layout example

Auto Layout

Leveraging the stellar automation features of Figma's Auto Layout, Layers helps you save hours of time, and speed up the pace of your product development.

Spend less time resizing components and working out the minute details, and more time focusing on the big picture.

Make it your own

Adapting Layers to your own brand and style is easy, and quick to do.

Change fonts and colors on the fly to whatever your project requires. Update the color and text styles, and your changes will echo through the entire design system.

Each component uses pre-defined color and text styles, so that you can automatically change everything at a moment's notice.

Usable and useful, to everyone

Layers places great emphasis on being usable and useful to every type of user.

This means finding ways to make the design system accessible to everyone, no matter how they hear, see, communicate, or otherwise perceive the world.

The typographic scale, color palette, and component library have been extensively tested, in order to ensure that they are accessible to as broad of a set of users as possible.

...and more

350+ documented components60+ Blocks and example products
Automatic updatesPremade layouts

Impeccable iconography

280+ icons provided by the fantastic Feather icon libary.

Stellar typography

Layers is powered by the open source Inter typeface family.

Automatic updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest changes and additions to Layers. The latest file will always be available in your Gumroad Library.

Built with Layers

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All 350+ components
All 60+ blocks
Auto-Layout support
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